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Spring Kit Self Defense
Slightly lower trigger weight... Increased power to firing pin for stronger primer hit !
Item: SPRKITSD  Ample Stock
| Manufacturer: King Glock
Your Price: $8.50
Wolff Extra power spring kit. this kit has three springs a 6.0 lb extra power firing pin spring, a rediced pwr firing pin safety spring, and a 6.0 lb trigger spring. It is designed to give positive primer ignition and slight decrease in your trigger pull weight. This kit is primarily for self defense. GEN's 1-4 Price: $9.95
Manufacturer: King Glock
Shipping Weight: 0.01 lbs
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Reviewed By: Matthew H.
Review Date: 3/11/2013
Comments: well worth the money, i bought this and having the extra confidence in my carry m27 knowing that its striking the primer hard and going off period. gives me some piece of mind! DON'T WAIT BUY IT!
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