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Welcome to King Glock!

Our Purpose

At King Glock we intend to provide all of your Glock needs including Triggers, Sights, Holsters, and Glock Parts or Accessories. Nothing we offer will void or alter your warranty with Glock.

We primarily provide our services at gun shows throughout the Central Florida area. If you visit us at a show, we can provide most any service you desire. The purpose of this website is to share our knowledge and introduce  any parts you may be interested in. If there is something you are looking for and you don't see on our site, please feel free to message or call us with any request.

GLOCK Parts and Accessories

Glock Triggers

Our policy is that all trigger work MUST be installed by a Glock Armorer or professional Glock Gunsmith. If you are not a skilled Glock Armorer, take it to someone who is. 

We have available GLOCK trigger connectors from all popular manufacturers as well as OEM GLOCK. We only sell connectors that we have complete confidence in, including the connectors from Ghost Inc.  It is our opinion, most people are coming to realize  the ROCKET and TACTICAL triggers from GHOST INC are the best connectors on the market today!


For King Glock, when it comes to sights and night sights, we stay with AMERIGLO. The simple reason is that AMERIGLO makes the highest quality steel sights and they also come with the longest warranty on the market today. We proudly stand behind the quality product and costumer service of AMERIGLO.


Holsters We are constantly in search of the best bang for the buck for practical and comfortable holsters. There are so many to choose from, this has been a very difficult process. After extensive research we believe the Remora Holsters are the way to go..
The Remora is very user friendly and convenient. It is quick to put on, it clings and grips to your clothing or skin in any position you choose to wear it. It is clipless so you can where it anywhere on your waist or in any side pocket. As you pull your gun out, the Remora will stay in place due to the unusual texture of the material is is made of. Concealment is much more efficient as it is extremely light weight and small. It is also washable !!!    It carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY!!!   A Great choice !

Spring Kits and Accessories

We have taken the liberty of pre-assembling our Spring Kits. Our Spring Kits include all the springs needed to complete your trigger job and get that desired pull weight that you are looking for. Individual springs are available on request. We also keep all OEM GLOCK Parts in inventory. Feel free to e-mail us for prices and we will be glad to help you.

King Glock, Inc. is not associated with Glock, Inc. in any way.
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