Glock Chrome Parts

Glocks are some of the greatest handguns known to man. While many people believe that they are perfect just the way they are, many shooters still love to upgrade and modify their pistols, whether for cosmetic or performance reasons. One of these upgrades is Glock chrome parts, added to the handguns in differing parts. Here are a few different chrome parts you can add to your Glock!

Hard Chrome Finish on Slide

The hard chrome creates a more durable finish on a gun, giving it more lubricity and better wear resistance. This finish is commonly used to bring new life to blued, stainless, or older handguns with some wear and tear on them. It will not chip or peel, and it even comes in a few different styles. Not only does a hard chrome finish help a gun function smoothly and give it a durable finish, but it also makes them look great too! Having the slide on a Glock chrome plated will give you all these benefits and provide a very sleek and clean looking gun at the same time.

Hard Chrome Plating Barrel

Changing out a barrel on a Glock is simple, and a good upgrade especially for those who shoot a lot. Chrome can help you out here as well, with a hard chrome plating on a barrel. This chrome plating is extremely wear-resistant and offers unbeaten rust protection. If you live in environments where you are always worried about moisture and rust in your gun, a chrome barrel that has been equally plated with micro-smooth hard chrome is a simple thing you can do to combat it!

Glock Chrome Pin Kit with Extended Slide Release

One of the easiest ways to get a little more chrome on your Glock is to simply purchase an entire kit that features a slide lock, trigger pin, and extended slide stop. Buying a kit with a few chrome parts is a quick and easy way to not only get some chrome on your gun that will really make it stand out but like we have already mentioned, chrome-plated parts have many different practical benefits. Not only will these parts be more durable and wear-resistant once they are plated in chrome, but they also have much more lubricity. You cannot go wrong with some chrome parts on your Glock! Check out all of our Glock Chrome parts.

Chrome Accessories

Chrome can also be applied to a few other accessories on a Glock, such as parts like the magazine release, extractor, pins, and the slide cover. While some of these parts will mainly just provide a cosmetic upgrade, having parts like the extractor in chrome can and will make a Glock perform to the best of its ability. No matter how you feel about chrome and chrome-plated Glock parts, there is no denying the added benefits that come along with it. Not to mention that they will make your gun stand out from the rest, and everyone will be jealous of your already amazing firearm even more!

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