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GLOCK Triggers 

Why should I lower my trigger weight?

The answer is very simple.... Accuracy! The lighter the trigger pull the less the muzzle will move as you pull the trigger through to fire the pistol. The fact is you are attempting to steady an object that weighs around 2 lbs at arms length while simultaneously pull against the trigger with a force between 5 and 8 lbs. once your sights are aligned on the target the lighter the trigger pull the less the muzzle will move before the bullet exits the chamber, resulting in a more consistent accurate shot.

Besides weight, what else is done to my trigger?

Our trigger jobs can include a polish and spring kit upgrade.    
While installing the connector all metal components are inspected for burs and other factory imperfections. Any imperfections are stoned downed and polished. All metal-to-metal contact points are also polished to ensure a smooth consistent pull every time. This smoothness in the trigger pull eliminates the “glitches” commonly felt in the pre-travel of the trigger, resulting in a steadier pull.  

Upgraded spring kits are also installed to achieve the desired trigger weight. For most weapons to be used primarily as self defense or carry weapons, an increased striker spring is added. This increased spring will increase the force at which the striker impacts the ammo. This aids in primer ignition even with less than average ammo. Increased trigger springs and decreased plunger springs may also be utilized to reach the desired pull weight.

Trigger travel can also be altered with the proper connector. The Ghost Rocket and the Ghost Tactical have and overtravel stop which shortens the distance the trigger travels both in the pull direction and the reset distance.  By shortening the distance the Trigger travels it increases the speed the trigger can be fired.

Okay so now I understand but, Will any of this affect my safeties or warranty?

The answer to both of these is NO! All of the safety mechanisms in the pistol are left in tact and are not altered at all. We are certified GLOCK armorers and all work is done in accordance with GLOCK's lifetime warranty.

What if I wanted to try this myself what should I buy?

All you need to do a trigger job yourself is just a few things. 
First chose a trigger connector that will best fit your needs. Many of our triggers require no fitting and simply just drop in. Other triggers such as the rocket and tactical connector do require some minor fitting, therefore require a little more mechanical inclination.
Second, chose a spring kit that best fits your needs. Are you making a self defense style trigger or one more fitted for competition.
Third, make your life easier and your job go smoother by ordering a trigger kit. These can be found in the Trigger Kits section.

If you have any further question please feel free to email us.

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