New Items

Magwell Ice

            GHOST EVO ELITE TRIGGER !!!!
The newest trigger on the market... The smoothest trigger to date !!! 
The armorers at King Glock say this is the BEST !!!

King Glock 3 Pin Set Stainless Steel.  Set is made of 416 Stainless Steel with an agressive finish to prevent pin creep when firing.
                   Stainless Steel 3 pin set                    

            New!!! King Glock Competition Slide Lock
Improved Extended Slide Lock for easier take down and increased accuracy!!!
The edges are cut to an angle for much easier take down!!!  The barrel locking groove is cut to a higher specification for tighter lock of the barrel.  The consistant lock up gives more accuracy.
King Glock Competition Slide Lock

EW!!! Cap Sights by Ameriglo
Ameriglo has really shown themselves to be innovators in the realm of handgun sights. They have been able to create unique and functional sights of their own design and from designs developed by some of the biggest names in training. Their newest collaboration is with Dave Spaulding, designer of the CAP (Combat Applications Pistol) Sights.

The CAP Sights offer some very unique features. The most obvious feature is the heavy use of highly visible colors. Nearly the entire front sight is covered in either fluorescent green or orange. The green option is actually glow in the dark paint. This front sight is paired with a rear sight that has a horizontal bar of the same high viability color located directly under the rear sight notch. This configuration is designed to allow the shooter to quickly align the high viability colors which aligns the sights. The front sight is further enhanced with a tritium vial for low and no light situations (there is no tritium in the rear sight).

While other sights seem to be getting taller and taller, the CAP sights are going the other direction. They sit very low so that they can be close to the bore and low profile.