Glock Extended Parts - For easier operation of your Glock pistol.

There are many improved Glock Parts from which to choose. The extended parts and Extended Parts Kits are some of the most popular.  They are our number one sellers for good reasons.

The Extended Slide Lock, the Extended Slide Stop (Release),and the Extended Magazine Release, all make the Glock much easier and quicker to operate.

The Extended Slide Lock comes in different forms.  The flat end types, the angular end types, and the competition type.  

The flat end types are usually 3mm longer than the standard OEM part.  It makes is much easier to grip the ends for take down of the Glock.   The angular types are even easier for gripping and take down.  It is a very popular part.  The competition type combines the extended length, the angular cut, and a tighter laser cut grove for tighter barrel lock up and increased accuracy.

The Extended Magazine Release allows for an easier press.  You do not have to adjust your grip to reach the magazine release. This makes operation faster also.

The Extended Slide Stop (Release) is bulged out for more gripping surface.  It makes for quick, one handed slide release.  There are many types of aftermarket and oem extended slide stops from which to choose.

These parts may be purchased individually and as a Extended Parts Kits.