New Versatile Trigger Kit

King Glock introduces the new “Versatile  Glock Trigger Kit”. had just introduced “The Versatile Glock Trigger Kit”.  This kit is a highly comprehensive trigger kit for all calibers of the Glock pistol.  Each kit offers 40 distinct trigger setups for the Glock.
The kit features the Ghost Rocket Trigger Connector, seven various precision springs, and other Glock parts.
The Ghost Rocket Trigger is known for it “overtravel stop”, which shortens the travel distance of the trigger by eliminating the overtravel.  Overtravel is defined as the amount of rearward movement after the firing pin has been released. This means a smoother trigger reset, faster doubles, faster splits and overall premium trigger performance.
The Versatile also includes 7 springs of proprietary spring material and processes. Included are 5 firing pin springs of different weights (4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, and 6.0 LBS), 1 reduced power firing pin safety spring, and extra power trigger spring. These springs, along with the OEM springs give 40 different setups for the Glock.
A spokesman for King Glock says, “The Glock shooter has many different tastes in the feel of the Glock Trigger.  This kit can be used by the person who wants a very light trigger for competition and target shooting. It also can be set up for the self-defense shooter wanting heavier weights.”  With the Ghost Rocket the weight can be adjusted from about 2 to 4.5 lbs.
Other multi-weight kits are forthcoming.
Other Glock parts are included to assist in installation.  More information can be found at