Setting up the Glock 34 for IDPA Stock Class (SSP) by King Glock

Using the Glock in IDPA Stock Class has big advantages over most other makes of pistols. Therefore staying in SSP class makes a lot of sense, if you are shooting for competition. Understanding what you can and cannot do is important in taking all the advantages you can without going up in class.
Glock Parts
SSP (Stock Service Pistol) allows the shooter to change sights and grips, tune the trigger, and do accuracy enhancements i.e. after-market barrels. IDPA allows the use of GLOCK OEM extended mag releases and slide stops, but similar after-market parts are not allowed.
Glock Competion Parts
We normally shoot G17 and G34 models.
Knowing all this, we modify our IDPA Glocks by:
  1. Installing OEM extended Mag Catch. Part 1981
  2. Installing OEM extended Slide Stop. Part 7496 (for 3 pin Gen 3 and 4)
  3. Installing after-market match barrel (ATI barrels to a great job) Glock Competion Parts
  4. Installing after-market sights to your liking. We use painted or fiber optic front sights. The rear can be the stock adjustable, 2 dot, or blank steel. For indoor stages, the Amerigo painted front with trijicon inserts work great. Glock Sights
  5. Installing rubber, sandpaper, or slip-on rubber grip. We like the Decal Grip brand.
  6. Modifying the trigger. Trigger jobs should include an internal over-travel stop to shorten reset distance. We use the trigger housing with set screw to adjust for minimal over travel. King Glock sells a $30 kit that contains 3.5 LB connector, springs, and over-travel stop. Polishing all Metal to metal surfaces in the firing mechanism and installing this kit will lower the trigger pull weight, smooth out the feel of the trigger, and shorten the distance the trigger travels. These attributes make the pistol faster to shoot and more accurate. Glock Trigger Kits
  7. Installing a lower weight after-market recoil spring. This will reduce felt recoil and muzzle flip, decreasing shot to shot time. We use the Gen 3 stock, plastic recoil rod with a 11Lb or 13LB Wolff guide rod spring. Using a steel guide rod will disqualify the Glock from Stock Class. Glock Guide Rods
The next class is ESP (Enhanced Service Pistol). This class allows most any modifications to the Glock including Magwells, Steel Guide Rods, and Competition Slide Locks. Compensators, ports, and optics are not allowed.

Rules change, so make sure you check the latest rules.