Glock 43XParts

There is no shortage of Glocks out in the world, and luckily there is no shortage of quality, aftermarket Glock parts and accessories either! From things like springs, sights, pins, magazines, extractors, and more, there is almost no end to the number of upgrades and customization that these guns offer a gun enthusiast. 

The Glock 43X is a perfect example of this, and just like any other Glock model, it has plenty of parts and accessories made for it. There are upgrades designed to give you a tactical advantage, both on and off the range, while others are strictly more for style and cosmetic enhancement. Here are a few to consider!

Steel Guide Rod

One of the easiest things to upgrade on a Glock is the guide rod. You don’t need a gunsmith, and it is not much more work than popping out the old plastic guide rod and placing the new tungsten rod in. One of the biggest advantages of going with a steel is that it places much more weight at the front of the pistol and significantly helps to reduce muzzle rise while shooting. This is one simple upgrade to a part that will make a nice difference!

Extended Controls

Upgrading the extended controls is another part that seems insignificant, but can make a major difference in how comfortable and efficient a gun is to shoot. From the slide stop to the slide lock/takedown lever, a simple upgrade to these Glock parts make a world of difference!

Upgraded Trigger

Triggers are one of the most essential parts of a gun and make a great part to upgrade. The Glock 43X has many different trigger options out on the market today, and you can easily find one that fits you and your personal preference. 


When it comes to the sheer number of options, there are few gun parts that compare to the giant variety than gun sights. Whether you want a blackened rear sight with a front fiber optic for faster target acquisition, or low drag, lower sights for concealed carry, sights are a great way to set up your gun to your liking and what you plan on using it for. The options here are almost endless, but changing out the stock sights on your Glock 43X is a great way to change things up and possibly make it even more accurate!


Glocks are not known for being the most comfortable handguns, and the 43X is no exception. Luckily, you can easily modify the grips and make them much more comfortable when in your hand. Glocks are one of the most functional and reliable guns in the world, but a simple stippled or finger grooved grip can make your gun much more comfortable and practical. See Grip Enhancers.

The Glock 43X is an excellent gun, and some simple part exchanges can make it even better. Whether it’s things like complete chrome kits, rod and spring replacements, or the mag well, these things will only improve your gun! For more: Glock 43X Parts , Glock Extended Parts , Glock Triggers