King Glock Competition/Self defense Trigger Kit With Over Travel Stop for Gen 4 (.40 and .357

Includes 3.5 pound minus connector. wolf heat tempered spring kit. Adjustable over travel stop for gen 4 (.40/.357 sig) Fits generations 1 thur 3 models 22,23,24,27.31,32,33 and 35. (DOES NOT FIT GENERATION 1 thur 3 models.)
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This is a world class trigger kit. With a simple polish job this kit will give your glock a smooth trigger pull. The 3.5 pound polished (minus) connector will lighten the trigger weight. The adjustable over travel stop will give your glock a very short reset. The wolf heat tempered springs will give your glock up to 20 different applications.With the 4,5 and 6 pound firing pin springs your trigger weight will very from 2 pound to about 4.5 pounds. The 4 pound firing pin spring is great for a competition trigger and the 5 or 6 pound firing pin springs are great for self defense. Drop in kit. No modifications necessary. Fits generations 4 and SF models 22,23,24,27,31,32,33 and 35. (DOES NOT FIT GENERATIONS 1 THUR 3 MODELS) This kit includes: 1) 3.5 pound polished (minus) connector 1) Gen 4 or SF models(.40/.357 sig)) adjustable over travel stop 1) over travel stop adjustment tool 1) wolf 6 pound trigger spring (stock weight = 5Lbs.) 1) wolf reduced poundage safety spring 1) wolf 4 pound firing pin spring 1) wolf 5 pound firing pin spring 1) wolf 6 pound firing pin spring (stock weight = 5.5 Lbs.)
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