Ghost Rocket 3.5 Connecter

3.5 lb connector with integrated overtravel stop. Fits all generations.
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  Manufacturer: Ghost Inc
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Minor Gunsmithing required to install this product. The GHOST ROCKET shortens the total length of trigger pull and reset enabling you to shoot faster and better. Faster because the total distance the trigger has to move to fire your pistol is reduced up to 60%. Better because once the pistol fires the trigger movement is stopped. Stopping the trigger after the pistol fires is critical to shot placement. No trigger movement + no pistol movement = no sight movement on the target. The bullet goes where you aimed it! Shorter & faster reset-because the ROCKET eliminates all over-travel of the trigger so that the trigger moves less in both directions. The ROCKET has been designed to function flawlessly. There are several design enhancements over the original connector. The proof is in the shooting. Minor Gunsmithing required to install this product.
  • Manufacturer: Ghost Inc
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