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Glock O.E.M. 15 round G19 magazine. Gen 4. Fits all generations.
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Manufacturer: Glock
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Reviewed By: Daniel M.
Review Date: 4/3/2013
After looking all over for some more G19 Mags I found King Gllock ! And I am happy that I did. I initially ordered 2 mags: they came fast and were the real Glock "made in Austria" product. I am here today to buy 2 more. King Glock also has a great selection of all things for your Glock. I also bought a tool and some oil. Dare I say it: I was treated better and MUCH faster here than I have ever been at the XXX XXXX. On one of my many recent calls to xxxxxxx enquiring about my orders xxxx xxxxx actually answered the phone. He was nice but he was unable to convince me that my orders were any closer to being fulfilled. With King Glock you do not have that problem. They operate as pros should--and I am grateful for that. Depending on what state you live in, it is a darn good idea to load up on your Gllock magazines right NOW. You cannot wait. I live in Texas so I have fewer worries, but the Feds supercede all state laws so be careful. Thank you again King Glock for great service...and now I am going shopping!!!!!
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