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The ROCKET Trigger Control Connector is the King of all "Ghost Maker" Triggers! This kit is for Target and competion. Fits all generations.
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Product Review
Reviewed By: William R W.
Review Date: 4/2/2013
Installed this trig kit before firing my new G17. Pre-trig pull close to 6lbs; after 3.4lbs. Pre-trig total travel 0.5"; after 0.345". Haven't replaced the tiny safety spring as I'm not sure how to get it in, so maybe a bit lighter pull is possible. The post trig travel is nearly zeroed out but there's still pre-travel. Initially measured 0.315" across the CST area being dremeled down. At 0.245" it wouldn't fire but then trigger hung up when attempting to fire. Took it down another five, to 0.24" and it fires cleanly every time. Occassionaly if I rack the slide but follow it closed with my hand, it refuses to fire until racked fast with a hand release so it smackes fully closed, which is proper. Love the feel and tighter grouping shooting fast. 40 $smacks and gun competitive. 5 stars though I'd love to know how to disassemble an' install last tiny spring.
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