Ameriglo Cap Sight Green

AMERIGLO CAP SIGHT for Glocks Models 17,19,22,23,24,26,27,33,34,35,37,38 & 39 GREEN/GREEN
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  Manufacturer: Ameriglo
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AmeriGlo introduces the new Combative Application Pistol (CAP) Sight, a high visibility, low profile sight system designed for personal security situations. Designed by retired law enforcement officer, author and combat pistol instructor Dave Spaulding and AmeriGlo's Rick Callihan, the CAP sight enables shooters to reference their front sight even in times of high stress like armed conflict.

The front sight is a combination of tritium and a phosphorescent paint, a special formulated painted outline that glows 10 times brighter than tritium once charged by a light source. The rear sight is an affective notch-style with a slightly wider and deeper notch than on a stock sight.

At close range, the shooter needs to place the front sight in the rear window and press the trigger. For precision shots, place the chartreuse square on top of the chartreuse sight line for instant alignment. The sights are kept as close to the bore line as possible for faster visual access.

Fast and highly visible, the shooter covers what they want to hit, which simplifies sight picture / alignment.
  • Manufacturer: Ameriglo
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